R & D capabilities
Gaoxin Chemical owns an innovative R&D platform for Weifang City Chlorinated Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center and Enterprise Technology Center. It has chlorinated polymer process research, new product development, product application research and functionalization, equipment improvement, and science and technology information center. R&D units such as test centers and pilot plants. At present, there are 32 R&D personnel, including 4 masters, 22 undergraduates, 4 senior engineers and 12 engineers.
The company has a good research environment and hardware facilities, equipped with analytical test equipment, research equipment and pilot plant, a total of more than 100 sets. Among them, more than 80 analytical test instruments, 18 sets of research equipment, and 2 sets of pilot plants. Equipped with test instruments including rheology test instrument Harp rheometer; mechanical performance test instrument electronic tensile machine, pendulum impact test machine; heat resistance test instrument thermal deformation / Vicat softening temperature tester; flame retardant performance tester Intelligent oxygen index measuring instrument, etc. The application of advanced test instruments and equipment provides a strong guarantee for the company's high-quality research and development and sustainable development.
Research areas
Based on the industry and market, Gaoxin Chemical conducts research on chlorinated polymer materials technology research, product application and functionalization, energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable development.
Research on chlorinated polymer materials: uniform chlorination of polymer materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.; energy-saving drying technology such as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, high chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene; Molecular material solid-liquid high-efficiency separation technology; chlorinated polymer material engineering technology.
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